Sony Launches mylo

Just like an HTC smartphone but... err... without the phone.

Sony Ericsson already corners a large part of the smartphone market with a number of quality handsets, Sony by itself however is a far more curious beast who now produces smartphone-esque devices with no phone functionality whatsoever.

Dubbed the ‘mylo Personal Communicator’, Sony seems to have missed the irony that the one thing this HTC design inspired portable doesn’t do is use the primary form of communication available to the human species. Ho hum, roll on the details:

Allegedly small enough to fit a pocket (if you happen to be a clown) the mylo is an 802.11b equipped um… thing… rather like the equally odd Nokia 770. Its primary target is ‘people who use instant messaging as a primary form of communication’ which makes little sense since almost no one uses MSN/Yahoo Messenger on the move and the far more popular method of texting is built into every mobile phone built in the last five years.


Nevertheless we trudge onwards to discover the mylo has a 2.4in colour LCD with a QVGA resolution, an ARM 9 processor, 1GB of flash memory, a Memory Stick Pro Duo expansion slot, support for Mpeg4 and AAC video formats along with MP3, ATRAC3 and WMA for audiophiles. Battery life rather good at up to 45 hours for music and eight for video and the fact you can install Skype is a major plus.

In all I guess I don’t hate the mylo as much as thought I might (and certainly a lot less than that dreary dance act of the same name). It seems harmless enough if still rather pointless. After all, does Sony really expect us to carry one of these things around ”on top” of a mobile phone? If so we might as well unbuckle the alarm clock and calculator functions from our handsets too and stuff these down our trousers.

mylo arrives in September for $350 and I suggest you put this extra cash towards a smartphone instead.

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