Sony Launches First Digital Binoculars To Record In HD

It seems as if the smart fellows over at Sony have been

watching the old Star Wars films to get inspiration for their latest


Sony’s DEV-3 and DEV-5 digital binoculars seem to bear a

striking resemblance to those used by members of the rebellion on the ice

planet of Hoth when scanning for Imperial Walkers in The Empire Strikes Back.

Whatever the inspiration behind the digital binoculars, they

promise a lot features besides the ability to spot an Imperial Walker from a

couple of miles away.

Sony are claiming that the DEV-3 and DEV-5 binoculars are

the first to allow you to record who you are spying on in Full HD along with

stereo sound. Not only do they record in Full HD, but they will also allow you

to record in 3D, and playback on a compatible HDTV.

Sony DEV-3 DEV-5

The DEV-5 supports up to 10x optical magnification in 2D

mode or has a 20x digital mode. The DEV-3 promises similar optical performance but

lacks the digital mode. When in 3D mode the magnification is limited to 5.4x.

Footage is recorded to one of Sony’s proprietary Memory

Sticks and, thankfully, to SD/SDHC/SDXC cards. A 32GB SD card should be able to

hold 2hr 30mins of 3D HD footage and up to 12 hours of 2D footage depending on


Sony DEV-3 DEV-5

The DEV-3 and DEV-5 are also able to capture 7.1 megapixel

stills with the DEV-5 adding geotagging via GPS – which can also be used on

video. Connectivity is pretty comprehensive with mini HDMI, component,

composite and S-video outputs, along with USB 2.0 audio in and audio out.

However, if you fancy yourself as a latter day James Stewart

from Rear Window, then you’ll have to start saving now with the DEV-5

binoculars costing around £2,300 and the DEV-3s costing £1,780 with shipping due

in late October or early November.

Sony DEV-3 DEV-5