Sony Launches 15 New Bravia HDTVs

I kid you not, 15 of the things.

As if the three x-series TVs we spotted a short while ago weren’t good enough, Sony has decided to go the whole hog this time and officially release 15 sets all at the same event. While we recover from the sight of so much high definition goodness in one place, you can peruse the details of exactly what Sony has on offer.

Admittedly we have seen most of the x-series already but there are a couple of new additions. First, for those with more money and living room space than we can ever hope for, is the KDL-70X7000, a 70in monster, which while of course keeping almost the same 1080p, 120Hz (which will probably translate to 100Hz processing in the UK) panel as its (much) smaller siblings, as well as the x.v.Colour engine.

We say almost the same panel because while most of the features are the same, this TV is LED back-lit and should therefore be in a league of its own in respect of image quality and colour accuracy. More on that when we can see one in the flesh. At the lower end of the series is the 40in KDL-40X5000, which should bring x-series specs in at a more affordable price range.

Meanwhile the W and V series are also being fleshed out with a refreshed line-up. Both ranges are to sport 52in, 46in and 40in models and all W sets feature the 120Hz technology while the V series appears to forgo it. While no more details are available we can safely assume, based on the current models, that the savings will be made on connectivity options, image processing and, in the case of the V series, using a cheaper panel.

Of course if the price is right then these sacrifices mightn’t pose a problem and from the images available the looks aren’t being particularly diminished on the lower-end sets. So whether you need a 70in LED backlit TV for your winter house or want to settle for a mere 40in of HD joy then keep an eye out for the scheduled September release.

Akihibara News story.

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