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Sony’s first fashion watch will match your style, so long as it’s greyscale

Sony has announced its first fashion watch, the FES Watch U, and it’s a little bit different from the smart watches that the company has put out in the past. 

For starters, the FES Watch U’s screen uses e-Paper technology, which should make it easy to use in even the brightest of environments. If other devices equipped with similar technology have been anything to go by in the past, it should also mean that the watch has a very respectable battery life.

More intriguing than the watch face itself is the fact that the entire strap comes equipped with this same e-Paper technology, potentially giving you lots of flexibility for how you watch the watch to look.

That’s so long as the appearance you’re going for is in greyscale. Although e-Paper tech has progressed a lot over the years, with competitor E-Ink starting to roll out coloured displays, it seems this coloured technology isn’t ready for smartwatches just yet.

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Unlimited potential, so long as it’s grey

So while you can choose from 100 pre-loaded designs from the FES Watch U’s ‘FES Closet’ app or even create or import your own, you’re going to have to make do with a decidedly grey colour palette.

Beyond the screen you’re looking at an IPX5/7-rated device that’s compatible with both iOS and Android phones. The FES Watch U is available in either silver or black, and will retail for £529 and £699 respectively when it launches in mid-September.

There’s no word on which operating system the watch is running on, but we’ll be sure to put it through its paces when we deliver our final review.

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