Sony Ericsson’s 3.2MP Brown Fashion Phone

Brown is the new black? Hope not.

What’s this worrying fixation with brown…?!

First it was Microsoft which was lampooned for the brown (or ‘swamp’ as it became known) Zune, but since then everyone is at it including Sony Ericsson with its new 3G ‘K770i’.

The mud coloured candybar enters the company’s Cyber-shot range of handsets with the (now seemingly prerequisite) 3.2MP camera with autofocus and at just 14.5mm thick (95g) it is one of SE’s slimmest specialist snappers to date.

As with most other Cyber-shot phones the K770i features PictBridge for printing with a PC and uses the M2 memory card format for storage (there’s a slightly stingy 256MB card bundled). Integrated Walkman inspired music software also awaits, along with an FM radio with RDS, A2DP for full blooded wireless audio, TrackID and an RSS feeds reader.

On the downside the 1.9in QVGA screen isn’t the largest we’ve seen but SE claims a massive battery life of 10 hours talk time and up to 400 hours on standby so perhaps that smaller LCD has kick backs.

The K770i will be available from Q4 (read: October) so if you’re after a capable, portable and extremely good snap-happy mobile and can stomach (s)swamp(/s) brown, best hold off on that upgrade.

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