Sony Ericsson Patent Reveals PlayStation Phone

Take that N-Gage!

There has been talk for some time of a PlayStation branded Sony Ericsson mobile phone. Now we know more…

Planned for a Q1 release timeframe, the asyet unnamed PS phone will be a fully fledged handset/gaming hybrid (unlike Nokia’s revitalised N-Gage software) and is likely to bear the PlayStation brand a la Walkman music and Cybershot photography focused models.

Intriguingly, all talk is centred around integrated motion sensors too which would be 1. Surprising given Sony’s reticence to include the tech in PS3 controllers and 2. A potential brawl starter on public transport. Furthermore, an official SE patent is now knocking around (above), which comes on the back of similar attempts from Samsung, so it appears to be: jump in this market or get left behind.

Can SE make a better success of yet another Sony brand that Sony has managed itself? It’s record to date suggests so. Besides, doesn’t it make for perfect Friday afternoon idle daydreaming…

Sony Ericsson UK

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