Sony Ericsson Expands Cybershot & Walkman Lines

Mmmmn and meh.

There are handsets which are announced ahead of the Mobile World Congress because their manufacturers want to proclaim them from the rooftops. The Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition and LG Arena are prime examples of this. Then there are handsets which are announced early because otherwise they could get lost in the flood of releases. Like these…

Doing nothing particularly wrong and nothing overly exciting are Sony Ericsson’s latest additions to its Walkman and Cybershot lines.

Both are sliders with the ‘W395’ Walkman bigging up its media software and “built in stereo speakers” targeting the “youth” market (oh Christ) while the latter is a slightly more sophisticated five megapixel auto-focusing beastie with face and smile detection and a BestPic mode.

Outside their primary areas of expertise neither is spine tingling with the pair using their M2 expansion slots to hide their pitiful native memory (105MB – C903, 10MB – W395) and promoting their pocket friendliness (C903 – 97 x 49 x 16mm and W395 – 96 x 47 x 14.9mm, both 96g). 2.4in QVGA (C903) and 2in 176 x 220 pixel (W395) LCDs are also served up though Bluetooth with A2DP does feature for those looking to go wire-free. Talk times for each also last in excess of eight hours though the W395’s 12 hours 30 mins of music listening is rather poor.

So if you’re not bothered about 3G, GPS, WiFi, touchscreens and the like you may not need to wait for MWC. That said, I’d still rather suggest you do…

W395 Press Release
C903 Press Release

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