Sony Details Mofiria Security System

Vein-recognition biometrics.

Fingerprint readers a bit archaic and insecure for you? Then check out Sony Mofiria, the possible next step in biometric security. Forget fingerprint-recognition, vein readers are where it’s at.

It might sound a little far fetched, but that really is what Sony is peddling with Mofiria. The technology is pretty simple in concept; an array of IR LEDs shine onto the finger, illuminating the veins which can then be read by a CMOS sensor.

Sony reckons that, just like a fingerprint, each person’s vein layout is unique and unchanging making it a suitable substitute. Moreover, being hidden inside the finger, vein layouts are much harder to ‘steal’ making it a potentially much more secure.

Whether blood needs to be flowing through scanned veins or not isn’t made clear. My (hopefully irrational) fears of having my finger cut off to enable nefarious persons access to my data haven’t been assuaged yet!

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