Sony Demos Multi-touch Beating Mobile LCD

Higher resolution, more contact points...

We all know why Apple can get away with its arrogance, mystique and limited feature sets: ”design”, and clearly Sony wants a piece of that…

Having been declared our best technology of 2007 ‘Multi-touch’ is without doubt the single biggest reason for the success of the iPhone and iPod touch but now two can play that game. Sony has announced an identically sized 3.5in multi-touch panel of its own with a 640 x 480 VGA resolution which bests the 480 x 320 pixels on Apple’s two flagships.

Even better, Sony’s panel leaps far beyond multi-touch’s two finger touchscreen recognition to recognise up to five individual fingers / places of contact. It is also stylus friendly (for better or worse) as the shot above demonstrates.

Naturally enough then the possibilities of this breakthrough panel are virtually endless, though I would sound a word of caution because without Cupertino’s design nous Sony does run the risk overcomplicating commands and making us all look like Gandolf when a simple scroll was all that was required.

As with everything fantastic and neck hair erecting, sadly no firm release date has been proposed for the uber-screen, though they are sampling now with hardware manufacturers. Fingers’ crossed Apple is one of them…

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