Sony Cuts Price Of PSP and PS3

Sony announced at Gamescom in Germany last night that it

will be bringing out a new budget

version of the PSP as well as slashing the prices on its PlayStation 3 models.

First let’s look at the budget handheld console, called the

PSP E-1000. It will retain most of the features of the original PSP except for Wi-Fi connectivity. However those missing the Wi-Fi will be able

to get over the loss when they discover that the PSP E-1000 will cost only €99

when launched later this autumn.

With the PS Vita launch pushed back to 2012 everywhere

expect Japan, Sony will be hoping this budget device will keep customers happy

for the time being. The only snag is that the PSP E-1000 is not coming to the

US, so customers there will just have to wait a bit longer for the Vita.

PSP E-1000

Externally, the PSP E-1000 has been given a bit of a

makeover with the same matte finish as the PS3 Slim. While users won’t be able

to download games directly, PlayStation Store titles will be playable but will

have to be downloaded via Sony’s desktop-based Media Go software.

No exact UK price or release date has been announced yet,

but we’ll let you know as soon as they let us know.

PS3 Slim

Moving on to the PS3, and Sony also used the Gamescom press

conference to announce a price cut to both versions of its console.

Effective immediately, Sony has cut the price of the 160GB version of the PS3

to €249 in Europe, $249 in the US and ¥24,980 in Japan – a markdown of around


Further to that, the 320GB version will now cost $300 in the

US, €300 in Europe and ¥29,980 in Japan. In North America, customers will be

able to purchase a limited edition inFAMOUS bundle including a 320 GB

PlayStation 3, a copy of inFAMOUS 2 and a 30-day membership to PlayStation Plus,

all for just $299 – which seems like a good deal to us. No word on whether this

bundle will be available elsewhere yet.

Obviously the price cuts to the PSP and the PS3 are welcome but

for most Sony and gaming fans in general, it is the PS Vita and PS4 which will

be of a lot more interest.

Source: PlayStation Blog