Sony closing PlayStation Mobile

Sony has announced that it is closing its failed PlayStation Mobile service.

PlayStation Mobile was an attempt at a cross-platform gaming service that embraced smartphones as a portable gaming platform, rather than continuing to rival them with its own handheld efforts.

To that end, the PlayStation mobile service facilitated the publishing of games that could be played on both the PS Vita and select Android phones. These games included popular indie games and simpler smartphone fare.

However, the service never really took off. A steady trickle of compatible Android devices and the underwhelming retail performance of the PS Vita – as well as an Android audience that remains relatively apathetic to paid games – evidently didn’t breed significant developer support or sales success.

From July 15, Sony has revealed that it will cease publishing new content to the PlayStation Mobile platform. Then, from September 10, the service will shutter completely, and you won’t even be able to re-download the content you have already purchased.

The company actually set the ball rolling back in August last year, when it ceased support for the Android side of the PlayStation Mobile equation.

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All of which might sound like another nail in the PS Vita’s coffin, but what meagre software sales the under-appreciated handheld did attract evidently didn’t include much from the PlayStation Mobile side.

Rather, Sony will continue to position the PS Vita as the best tool for PS4 Remote Play usage, as well as benefitting from those downloadable cross-play titles on PSN.