Sony Bravias Up To 46 Inches

Please, no more jokes about the importance of size.

You all know about the delicious Sony Bravias. You all want one, but now you want this oneā€¦


Fresh off the back of an 82 inch Bravia concept monster previewed by Benny at CES is a new flagship 46 incher. The usual dull Sony coding (this is the KDL-46S2000) applies, but that does little to take the shine off this crowd stopper.

It sports a 1366 x 768 resolution, super high 1300:1 contrast ratio and includes a built in HD tuner. If this is a little too rich for your blood however (and most would say HELL YEAH to that) then upgraded 26in, 32in and 40in models have been added to the range. At $2,999 the 40 incher will save you a massive $1,500 for a mere six inches less (insert favourite dirty joke here), the 32in set will retail for $1,999 and the 26in version rounds off at a rather reasonable $1,499.

All four sizes are scheduled to hit the streets with a vibrant splash in May and Sony is already allowing potential customers to sign up for notification notices to indicate when pre-orders are available.

Amongst many other things, 2006 will be the year of the affordable large flat screen LCD. Mark my words: This. Is. Just. The. Beginning.

Sony UK