Sony Bravia WE5 Debuts

Greenest Bravia to date.

Those among you worried about the effect your TV watching habits may be having on the poor polar bears – TV’s draw a lot of power you know – may want to take a look at Sony’s latest Bravia sets. Sony reckons its latest range of televisions is its greenest yet, with the WE5 standing at the forefront.

The WE5 eschews the CCFL backlighting used in most of Sony’s LCD TVs in favour of micro-tubular HCFLs – in English, hot, rather than cold cathode lamps – on both its the 40in and 46in models. Sony says this cuts power consumption by over 50 per cent over the 2008 Bravia sets, such as the W4500 series.

Further adding to its green credentials the WE5 will also turn itself off if it decides there’s no longer anyone watching. It does this using two sensors, one which detects heat in the surrounding area and, if there is none, toggles the TV into standby and a second which detects movement in the same room as the TV and, turns off the set if there is none within a 30 minute period – for example if the sets viewer falls asleep.

Sony reckons these eco-friendly credentials don’t come at the expense of image quality. Backing up that claim both sizes of TV boast 1,920 x 1,080 pixel resolutions as well as a 100Hz mode and Sony’s Bravia Engine 3 image processing.

The only detail not mentioned thus far is pricing, but a look at the previous Bravia range should give a reasonable indication on that front.


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