Sony TV 2019: All the Sony Master and Bravia TVs for 2019

Sony TV 2019: Sony has detailed what we can expect from the Japanese brand in 2019, encompassing everything from its premium OLED TVs, to its standard 4K sets and its HD HDR sets. Here’s what we know about the Sony TV 2019 range.

Below are the TVs that Sony has announced, with 8K and 4K OLED TVs the main focus. Fear not if they’re out of your price range; Sony has announced plenty of affordable TVs in a number of sizes to help cater to the TV buying audience. However, don’t expect these cheaper sets to boast the advanced features in the pricier TVs.

Sony TV 2019 highlights

Much like 2018, Sony’s thinking on HDR is to have it across its range of 8K, 4K and Full HD efforts. HDR10 is supported out of the box in the ZG9 and AG9 Master Series, and the AG8, XG95, XG90 and XG85 ranges compatible with Dolby Vision HDR. Unlike Panasonic and Philips, Sony does not appear to considering any support for HDR10+.

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Alas, for 3D fans Sony has not seen to include it in its 2019 models, as most – if not all – manufacturers draw a line under the format.

Dolby Atmos object-surround sound features in the AG9 and XG95 models, and will be included in the specs for the ZG9 in a future software update.

Google Assistant voice control is available on all sets apart from the WG66 Full HD set, although note that they may depend on your region. Voice control from Google Home and Sony’s own smart speakers is viable, as well as Amazon Alexa voice control via an Amazon Echo.

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A selection of Sony’s Android TVs will incorporate Apple’s AirPlay 2 and HomeKit, expanding their list of talents allowing for streaming from your Apple device or Mac to a Sony TV.

With HomeKit you can securely control smart home devices through the Home app or by asking Siri through your device. AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support are expected to launch on the ZG9, AG9, XG95, XG85 models some time in 2019, but an exact date has still not yet been confirmed. Chromecast and YouView have been built in to all TVs save for the XG70 and WG66 models.

We will keep updating this page with prices and more details on Sony’s 2019 TV lineup. Prices for the most of the lineup have been confirmed and are listed below, but check back regularly for the full picture on Sony’s TV range.

With that out of the way, let’s have a gander at Sony’s 2019 TVs so far.

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Sony TV 2019 – 8K/4K Master Series

Sony TVs 2019

ZG9 8K HDR LED Master Series

  • KD-98ZG9 − £84,999
  • KD-85ZG9 − £13,999

Sony’s first 8K TV in the ZG9 features the X1 Ultimate picture processor and 8K X-Reality Pro technology. The former promises richer, more immersive images and the latter is capable of upscaling images close to true 8K quality. The Backlight Master Drive is back, with its full-array backlight technology allowing for brighter images and more vibrant colours in 8K.

The ZG9 also carries Sony’s Netflix Calibrated Mode and the IMAX Enhanced format. It doesn’t feature the brand’s impressive Surface Audio. Instead it uses Acoustic Multi-Audio with Sony’s Sound-from-Picture Reality experience. In short, sound will appear from precise areas that match the action on-screen, rather than emanating from beneath the TV. An HDMI 2.1 update is set to arrive later in the year.

Our review of the KD-85ZG9 8K TV has gone live and we noted that it was capable of “delivering the most spectacular and gorgeous pictures” the TV world has yet seen. While the price and lack of 8K content will prove to be an obstacle for many, the Sony delivers bright and detailed images, with an upscaling performance that’s also very impressive.

Sony TVs 2019

AG9 OLED Master Series

  • KD-77AG9 − £7999
  • KD-65AG9 − £3999
  • KD-55AG9 − £2999

The AG9 Master Series OLED features Sony’s X1 Ultimate Picture processor, along with the Pixel Contrast Booster that aims to bring a richer image that offers consistent picture quality even at wider viewing angles.

Netflix Calibrated Mode, IMAX Enhanced, Dolby Vision and Atmos are included. So is the Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology that worked so well on the AF9 and A1 OLEDs, delicately vibrating the screen to produce sound.

We recently reviewed the AG9 and found that it did not disappoint. It’s a fantastic flagship, with the “invisible Acoustic Surface Audio+ sound system ridiculously good, and the screen’s picture processing chops are a knockout.”

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Sony TVs 2019


  • KD-65AG8 − £2299
  • KD-55AG8 − £3199

Below the AG9 is the AG8 OLED. We expect this to be the model of choice if you’re looking for a more affordable OLED performer. The 4K HDR processor here is the X1 Extreme and Surface Acoustic Audio is featured too.

IMAX Enhanced is onboard as is Dolby Vision. Build-wise, the stand can be rotated 180 degrees, which leaves plenty of space for a soundbar to be placed beneath.

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Sony TV 2019 −XG Series 4K HDR LED

Sony TVs 2019


  • KD-85XG9505 − £4999
  • KD-75XG9505 – £3999
  • KD-65XG9505 – £2199
  • KD-55XG9505 – £1799
  • KD-49XG9005 − £1399

The XG95/90 LED range replaces Sony’s 2018 XF9005. The XG95 comes with the X1 Ultimate processor, full-array local dimming and Sony’s X-Wide Angle technology for better viewing angles. Dolby Vision, IMAX Enhanced are onboard too.

The 49in XG90 replaces the 49XF9005 and carries over the same X1 Extreme processor, and also packs in full-array local dimming. There’s IMAX Enhanced, Dolby Vision and X-Motion Clarity processing for clearer, smoother images.

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Sony TVs 2019


  • KD-85XG8596 −
  • KD-75XG8796 − £2699
  • KD-75XG8505 − £2699
  • KD-65XG8796 − £1899
  • KD-65XG8505 − £1899
  • KD-55XG8796 − £1399
  • KD-55XG8596 −
  • KD-55XG8505 − £1399

The XG85 range is the mid-tier 4K range for 2019. The XG85 features the X1 picture processor, which isn’t to be confused with the Ultimate or Extreme versions, and Acoustic Multi-Audio for more accurate sound positioning.

Dolby Vision and Atmos are available but there’s no full-array local dimming here, just Sony’s Triluminos display for enhanced colour accuracy.

Sony TVs 2019


  • KD-49XG8396 − £1199
  • KD-43XG8396 − £999
  • KD-43XG8396 − £999

The XG83 swoops in under the XG85 and is for those who aren’t chasing top specs. It comes in a range of sizes to fit different living-room setups. In terms of the picture processor, the XG83 includes the X1 processor, with the 4K X-Reality Pro technology capable of upscaling to near 4K quality.

Like the XG85, the display is boosted by Triluminos technology and Netflix is easily accessible via the standard remote control. The minimalist bezel is made out of premium aluminium.

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Sony TVs 2019


  • KD-65XG8196 − £1599
  • KD-55XG8196 − £1099
  • KD-49XG8196 − £949
  • KD-43XG8196 − £799

The XG81 is practically an exact replica of the XG83 in terms of features, but it’s available in bigger sizes. Build seems to be the most noticeable difference here, as the attached feet are styled differently and the bezel has a brushed-aluminium look.

Sony TVs 2019


  • KD-75XG8096 − £2299
  • KD-65XG8096 − £1399
  • KD-55XG8096 − £999
  • KD-49XG8096 − £849
  • KD-43XG8096 − £699

Again, the XG80 range shares many of the features you can find in the XG81 and XG83. Like its siblings Google Assistant is built in, as is easy access to Netflix and smart features via Android OS.

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Sony TVs 2019


  • KD-65XG7093 − £1199
  • KD-65XG7073 − £1199
  • KD-65XG7003 − £1199
  • KD-65XG7002 −
  • KD-55XG7093 − £849
  • KD-55XG7073 − £649
  • KD-55XG7003 − £849
  • KD-55XG7002 −
  • KD-49XG7093 − £699
  • KD-49XG7073 − £699
  • KD-49XG7003 − £699
  • KD-49XG7002 −
  • KD-43XG7093 – £649
  • KD-43XG7073 – £699
  • KD-43XG7003 – £649
  • KD-43XG7002

The XG70 is filled with numerous sizes and model names. However, in terms of features, it’s at the bottom of Sony’s TV range for 2019. Smart features aren’t plentiful either: there’s no Google Assistant voice control. Build quality is similar to the XG83, XG81 and XG80 with slightly different feet design. This is a TV that very much caters for a wider audience who aren’t looking to break the bank.

There’s support for Freeview Play, instant one-click access to Netflix and YouTube, and a built-in internet browser. It’s available in silver and black finishes.

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Sony TV 2019 – Bravia Full HD

Sony TVs 2019


  • KDL-50WG663 −
  • KDL-43WG663 −

Last is the WG66 series.The WG66 boasts Full HD LED screens that support HDR10, which is useful for those who haven’t, or aren’t quite willing, to make the move to 4K and see what the fuss is about. The picture processor is the X-Reality Pro, which can refine images and reduce noise for better picture quality.

YouTube is built in with a button included on the remote for quick and easy access. For sound Sony includes ClearAudio+, which the company claims offers a surround sound-like experience. As mentioned previously, Google Assistant isn’t supported by the WG66 range.

And that’s that for Sony’s 2019 TV range. We’ll update this page throughout the year with new info so remember to bookmark this page and come back to find out the latest information on Sony TV 2019.

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