Sony Announces PSP LittleBigPlanet, MotorStorm & Buzz

Adds a lilac console, too.

Any disappointment that the imminent closure of Sony’s Go!Messenger service has just been well brought with it has been and truly eradicated. As rumoured, a PSP LittleBigPlanet game is, indeed, in development.

Better still, SCEE isn’t just bringing the (brilliant) LittleBigPlanet to its portable console, though. The MotorStorm franchise will also make a transition in the form of MotorStorm: Arctic Edge and, less interesting to me at least, Buzz will see a portable reworking.

Claims from SCEE that 2009 would be a good year for the PSP don’t sound quite as far fetched now, do they?

If you’re not interested in seeing LittleBigPlanet and MotorStorm on the PSP, then maybe a (s)purple(/s) lilac console will do it for you. I actually quite like it, thought I doubt I could suffer the humiliation of buying a Hannah

(Linkout: LittleBigPlanet, MotorStorm, Buzz press release).

Purple PSP via Joystiq.

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