Sony Announces 3D Headset

IFA, Berlin: Sony has announced that it will be bringing out a head-mounted 3D display in November, bringing us ever closer to a world where we no

longer have to talk to anyone.

At CES earlier this year, Sony was showing off a prototype

headset complete with blue Tron-esque LEDs around the front, but the product coming to market in Japan on 11

November will be a little less ostentatious. The HMZ-T1 is described by Sony as a “Head

Mounted Display Personal 3D Viewer” and will cost around ¥60,000 (£480).

Weighing in at 420g, the HMZ-T1 promises a movie theatre-like experience once you

slip on the headset. Two separate 0.7in 1290 x 720 OLED screens combine to make

it seem like you are looking at a 750in screen from 20m away.

Sony HMZ-T1 Head Mounted Display Personal 3D Viewer

The headset uses the ‘Dual Panel 3D Method’ which consists

of separate panels for the left and right eye in order to display independent

HD picture quality to each eye, with the resulting 3D images promising to be crosstalk-free.

The incorporated speakers aim to create virtual 5.1 channel

surround sound. As you can see in the picture at the top of the page, the headset comes with a processing

unit which it must remain tethered to, making the unit ever-so-slightly less


The headset can be plugged straight into a Blu-ray player or

games console to allow you shut out the entire world and watch films or play

games in your own little world.

“The hardest part for us was to make it as small-sized as possible,

while maintaining high definition, but we succeeded,” said Shigeru Kato, a

Sony vice president. “People can enjoy watching a favourite movie or play

a videogame on their own without bothering other family members.”

We don’t know yet if Sony is planning on releasing the headset in this part

of the world but we would certainly like to get our hands on one – if only so

we never have to speak to our colleagues again!

Source: Reuters