Sony Announces 160GB PS3, Wireless Keypad Add-On

One good, one entirely forgettable. Guess which is which.

So, over in Leipzig the Games Convention has kicked off for another year, bringing with it a slew of announcements, some good some bad. Sony, for instance has gone ahead and soft-launched a bunch of new stuff, in the form of an entirely underwhelming 160GB PlayStation 3 SKU, and the much more interesting Wireless Keypad.

As per the Xbox 360 Messenger Kit, the PlayStation 3 Wireless Keypad is designed to allow quick text input when composing messages to friends or chatting in compatible games – not to mention PlayStation Home when it finally becomes available.

Regular users of the PS3’s web browser will doubtless appreciate not only the addition of the keys, but also a function button which turns the entire surface into a touchpad for mouse navigation. Further, and arguably bettering third-party rival keyboards, the official keypad will slot on top of a SixAxis or DualShock 3 controller, although it talks to the PS3 using its own Bluetooth connection, unlike the 360 pad. Pricing and release dates are under wraps at the moment, but at a guess we’re probably looking at £30 and in time for Christmas.

On the PS3 SKU side of things, Sony is introducing a 160GB version which is, aside from the increased hard drive capacity, is identical in every way to the 80GB model launching tomorrow. Supposedly this version will cost £50 more than the 80GB console, which isn’t great value when you consider you can pick up a 250gb 2.5in hard drive for around £45 and fit it to an 80GB PS3 yourself.