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Sony and Panasonic launch Archival Disc with 1TB storage

Sony and Panasonic have partnered up to launch the Archival Disc with 1TB of digital storage.

Potentially the next-generation alternatives to the current Blu-rays, Archival Discs are optical discs that will eventually offer capacities up to 1TB.

The electronics giants originally revealed their plans to launch a new, high-capacity optical disc in 2013, but have now fully outlined their Archival Disc plans.   

The first Archival Disc format will arrive in summer 2015 and will be able to offer a capacity of 300GB on a single disc.

Following on from this, the Archival Discs will be expanded to offer recording capacities of 500GB and then 1TB at some point in the future.

Taking some hints from Sony’s smartphone line like the new Sony Xperia Z2, the Archival Discs will be pretty durable. According to Panasonic and Sony, the Archival Discs will be dust- and water-resistance, capable of withstanding temperature and humidity changes.

“Recognising that optical discs will need to accommodate much larger volumes of storage going forward, particularly given the anticipated future growth in the archive market, Sony and Panasonic have been engaged in joint development of a standard for professional-use next-generation optical discs,” explained the statement.

The Archival Discs will mostly be targeted at professional use.

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