Sony Adopts MP3 Five Years Late

Sony's MiniDisc range finally has native MP3 support and it also brings a few surprising tricks to the party; but really... it's like watching your Dad try to dance to the Kai

Well, they say: ”All good things come to those who wait”; they also say: ”When you Can’t Beat Em Join Em”. Depending on your level of cynicism (and remember we are British) the news of Sony’s decision to finally adopt native MP3 support will either lead you to cheer or sigh, but we’ll let you decide that for yourselves.

If you go the for the former, today’s good news comes wrapped in the form of a little device called the Hi-MD Photo and if you hadn’t guessed it from the name already, there is more to this device than just MP3 support. You see, the other more surprising piece of news that comes with this player is that it has a 1.3 megapixel digital camera.


Now, we aren’t exactly sure this is what the world had been crying out to have added into its digital music players (though to be fair Apple had been wrongly rumoured to be incorporating one in its new line of iPods before last week’s launch) but it is certainly nothing to be criticised and it also makes good use of the final new feature on the Hi-MD photo: a 1.5in colour screen.

The weak points of the Hi-MD Photo are that its MiniDiscs only carry 1GB of storage which is pretty lame considering you can now get 6GB onto a 1in drive and even more importantly US pricing reveals that the player will cost an incredible $500. Those still cheering would be advised to stop now. Thank you.

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