Sony Adds HSDPA To TZ and SZ Series Notebooks

The most desirable ultra-portable just became more so.

I don’t know if any readers have noticed but we here in the TrustedReviews offices have a slight penchant for the Sony Vaio TZ and generally consider it the best thin and light notebook going, if not the best notebook full stop. The only thing we thought was possibly lacking was HSDPA connectivity. Thankfully that particular omission is no more.

The unfortunately named ‘everywair’ hardware runs at 3.6mbps but as the firmware is upgradable Sony says this will be upgraded to 7.2mbps as soon as any network actually supports that standard. Along with the TZ20 series, Sony is also adding HSDPA to its SZ6-series notebooks which are a 13.3in range best compared to such rivals as the Asus U3 we (exclusively) looked at last week, both models have dual graphics chips, similar specs elsewhere and pricing should be similar when the U3 is released.

While we may not be convinced of the 13.3in form factor, we are very much sold on the idea of adding mobile broadband to an 11in notebook, especially one that offers a 7.5 hour battery life, or in other words the best part of a working day. Ultimately, if you have £2000 burning a notebook-sized hole in your pocket then first, you have huge pockets and secondly, you should head over to the Sony Style website and grab a new Vaio now.

Sony press release.

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