Sony Adds Compact Photo Printers

Even sardines don't envy the cramped nature of this market.

Printers, printers – don’t you just love em. They… like… ”print” and yeah… ”print”… and Sony’s only gone and made two more of them, the crazy kid.


Sauntering off its production lines this week are the DPP-FP55 and DPP-FP35, both miniscule(175 x 137 x 60mm), light (1kg) dye sublimation pranksters capable of churning out shots in just over a minute whether via PC, memory card or PictBridge.

Their tomfoolery shows no sign of abating either with three dye – cyan, magenta and yellow – print technology producing 256 individual shades for each tone which apparently creates, using maths beyond my level, 16.7m distinct colours for each pixel. Radical. A (slam in relevant proprietary technology here) ‘SuperCoat 2’ laminate then seals each photo and claims to protect them from fading as well as making them water, heat and fingerprint resistant. Outrageous.

Stretching all boundaries the main differentiator between the two is the inclusion or not of a 2in LCD for image previews. This makes a hefty price differential with the screened DPP-FP55 going for $150 and the screen-less DPP-FP35 costing a bargain $100. Topping off this raw teenage rebellion are running costs quoted at just 29 cents per print. Both models will fill teeny shop shelf spaces from July. Wildness, pure wildness.

Sony UK

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