Sony Adds 2.0GHz Atom, Windows XP to P-Series

Not-a-netbook could be usable as more than a fashion accessory!

Seemingly conceding to the slight criticism its had about the use of Vista on its Vaio P-Series, Sony has announced that it will be adding both a 2.0GHz Atom CPU and 256GB SSD option in addition to offering a system with Windows XP pre-installed.

Clearly it’s the XP option that most will be interested in because as great as Atom is at drawing not much power, it also doesn’t provide much making Vista on the P-series sluggish at best. Given that the P-series falls outside of Microsoft’s requirements for discounted, netbook-flavour XP Sony will presumably be charging for a full license. A worthwhile premium for any buyer wanting to use the not-a-netbook, it has to be said.

While it may sound like a tempting upgrade, upping the Atom inside the P-series to 2.0GHz probably won’t be worth the inevitable extra cost. Likewise a 256GB SSD would be pretty cool to have but is also likely to be crazy expensive. That said, the P-series isn’t exactly a cheap system to start with, so the kind of buyer looking at one probably won’t flinch at increasing the dent on their bank balance a little more.

Sony Japan.

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