Sonos Play:1 is now just £139 over at Amazon UK – save £30

Sonos speakers have a great reputation, and with good reason. So here’s a deal audiophiles can’t afford to ignore.

Amazon has knocked £30 off the recommend retail price of the Sonos Play:1 speaker, bringing the price down from the £169 R.R.P to just £139.

The Sonos Play:1 features a mid-range driver, a tweeter, integrated Wi-Fi, and is wall-mountable.

Buy Now: Save £30 on Sonos Play:1 – now £139

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What we said

We gave the Sonos Play:1 a 4.5/5 score at its review price of £169, praising its small and convenient size, great sound quality for the size, and good value. Here’s our verdict:

“The Sonos Play:1 is probably the most impressive speaker we’ve seen from Sonos. It offers all the convenience of its streaming brothers in a smaller, cheaper form. Don’t expect it to power a party single-handed, but this speaker is simply brilliant.”

What owners say

On Amazon, the Sonos Play:1 has a 4.5/5 score based on 1,058 user reviews. Users wrote:

“I have used this unit extensively and it has worked flawlessly, even streaming radio while surfing and playing online games. The unit has not dropped connection once. Still going strong. Great speakers. Not a single issue whatsoever.”

“Great sound quality and a great app to manage it.”

“The Play:1 sound quality is very punchy and clear and can fill a large room with sound.”

Buy Now: Save £30 on Sonos Play:1 – now £139

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How good a deal is this?

Sonos speakers always review well. They sound good, work well, and run on a great app. It’s rare that they’re discounted so heavily, so don’t miss this chance to pick up a really impressive Play:1 speaker.

Buy Now: Save £30 on Sonos Play:1 – now £139

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