Songza to be muted in January, as Google tunes up Play Music

The Google-owned Songza music app, which offers excellent human-curated playlists based on mood and activity is closing its doors on January 31 next year.

With most of Songza’s features now folded into Google Play Music, it appears Google has decided to consolidate its musical arsenal into a wrecking ball aimed at Spotify and Apple Music.

Songza notified its loyal users via an email on Wednesday, giving them the opportunity to migrate their accounts to Google Play Music, in order to maintain access to their favourites and playlists free of charge.

Google bought Songza for an undisclosed fee back in July 2014 and has been gradually folding the ‘Concierge’ services into Play Music almost immediately.

The app had gained considerable popularity for its knack of knowing what people wanted to listen to at any given time and now Google Play Music users will exclusively receive the benefits of the tech.

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Google has been intensifying its music push in recent months with the launch of YouTube Red, which enables users to listen to ad-free audio and video content without dealing with ads.

YouTube Red subscribers all get full access to Google Play Music.

In the note to users (via TechCrunch) the Songza team, who’re all still working on the Play Music team wrote: “It’s now time for us to focus on building a single, cohesive product. So as of January 31, 2016, Songza will become Google Play Music, and you will no longer be able to access or the Songza mobile apps.

The video below offers an explanation.

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