Snapchat Spectacles 2: New specs are water-resistant and pricier

Snapchat Spectacles 2: Everything you need to know

Snapchat has officially unveiled its second wearable device − the Snapchat Spectacles 2.

The company only sold around 150,000 units of the first generation of Spectacles, making a $40 million loss in the process, and will be hoping to shift a lot more this summer.

As expected, its new pair of high-tech specs are water-resistant, so you can continue Snapping in the pool or sea, though Snapchat says you should stick to the shallows.

Spectacles 2 are also available in a brand new range of colours. It’s out with black, coral and teal, and in with onyx, ruby, and sapphire. You can also choose between Midnight (dark) and Twilight (light) lens shades.

Snapchat has made its specs slightly slimmer too, in an effort to make the frame-mounted electronics stand out less. The blinking lights that indicate you’re recording might just give the game away though.

The new charging case (that holds enough power for four charges) they’re sold alongside, meanwhile, has got the splash-proof treatment and lost a bit of bulk, which should make it easier for users to squeeze them into a bag and carry them around.

Once again, Snaps are captured in a circular format, but this time Snapchat has upped image quality, to 1216 x 1216 for videos and 1642 x 1642 for pictures. There are dual microphones on board now too, and the company says it has improved transfer speeds from an average of nine seconds per video to below three seconds per video.

Spectacles 2 can also hold up to 150 videos or 3000 photos at a time, which you can transfer to your phone through the Snapchat app.

“Today nearly all of the 3.5 billion Snaps captured every day on Snapchat are taken on a phone − but we believe that will not always be the case,” said Snapchat. “Our Snap Lab team is responsible for ensuring that the Snap Camera remains the most used camera in the world long-term, even as camera devices evolve.”

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Snapchat Spectacles 2: Price and release

Unfortunately, Snapchat has introduced a relatively hefty price bump too. The new version of Spectacles cost £149.99, a £20 increase on the originals. They’re available to order right now here. If you’d rather try them out in person before buying them, then Selfridges is the first technology retailer in Europe to stock them.

They’re also available to buy right now in the US, Canada, France, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Spain and Italy.

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