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Snagged a Sony PS5 pre-order? Amazon warns it may not arrive on day one

If you’re one of the lucky able to snag a PS5 during this week’s pre-order cluster mess, don’t bank on receiving it on the console’s release date.

Amazon is contacting some pre-order customers to let them know that despite reserving the console, that’s no guarantee it’ll arrive on launch day in November.

Emails sent to some customers (and reported by CNET) inform them the high demand for the console might mean the delivery dates lapse beyond release date, which is November 12 in the United States.

“Hello,” the email reads. “We’re contacting you about your order of PlayStation 5 console to let you know in advance that you may not receive this item on the day it is released due to high demand. We’ll make every effort to get the item to you as soon as possible once released.”

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We haven’t heard of any UK customers purchasing the PS5 through Amazon UK receiving these emails ahead of the release a week later on November 19.

This doesn’t seem right though. This is Amazon we’re talking about here. During the pandemic they’ve been telling people to expect delivery delays, and stuff still tends to turn up on time. Whether the company has taken in more PS5 pre-orders than the stock it has been allocated remains to be seen, but we can’t imagine this is a problem with logistics.

The Sony PS5 pre-order situation has been far from smooth. Despite promising gamers they’d have plenty of notice before pre-orders began, but announced they would be going live within hours of revealing the price and release date. That led to a mad dash, retailers websites dropping like flies and many who pre-ordered failing to receive confirmation emails.

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