Smartphone symphony: 100s of Android devices sing Beethoven medley

Japan – a country that brought us Pokemon, wasabi-flavoured kit-kats, and umbrellas designed to take on the wind. Its latest offering is this quirky ‘droid ad.

Google Japan has rounded up 300 different Android devices (not too hard, we’d imagine) each with their own singing Androidify character. The result is a squeaky rendition of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.

Check it out:


Ode to Joy is generally considered as Beethoven’s greatest work, so it’s an unsurprising, albeit quirky, choice for Google’s latest ad.

Critics often slam the Android platform for its fragmentation, but Google’s clearly using its chance to show why a plethora of devices from different OEMs can be a good thing. Because we all compose our own smartphone symphonies, right?

Did you like Google’s new ad? Reckon you can one-up the old ‘hoven with your own handset orchestra? Head to the comments and tell us your thoughts.

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