Best Smart Home Deals for Prime Day UK 2019: What to expect

With so many smart home products to choose from, Prime Day 2019 offers a great chance to stock up. Pointing you in the right direction of the latest smart home deals, we’ll bring you up to speed in no time on the gadgets you need to have.

Who doesn’t want to manage the lights or heating with just a few spoken commands? Not only might it give you a bit of a power kick, it’s also a great way to show off at dinner parties. No? Just us? It also goes without saying it’s a great way to more efficiently run your home, giving you the option to schedule when heating turns on and off, or come home to a cosy, lit up home without keeping them on all day.

Whether you’re looking to expand or even kick-start your smart home system in the first place, with the hottest sales event of the year just around the corner, bookmark this smart home hub and we’ll be constantly updating you with the latest deals across the likes of Philips Hue, Nest Hello and smart speakers.

If you’re looking for further information on smart home, why not choose one of our questions below?

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How to Start a Smart Home? | Does Alexa Work with Nest Hello? | Does Ring Security Work Without Internet? | What is Philips Hue? | What Products Do Philips Hue Make?What is the Hue Bridge? | What Happened Last Year? | What Smart Home Deals Can We Expect?

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Everything You Want to Know About Smart Home Gadgets

How to Start a Smart Home?

It may feel like a mammoth task, but it’s really not — especially if you find it easy to spend money. Depending on where your focus lies depends on where best to start. If you’re keen to control your lighting, you’ll need a Hue Bridge. The heart of your Philips Hue smart lighting set-up, the Hue Bridge is the very heart of the system, connecting your bulbs with the actions you can deliver through the Hue app or out loud.

However, for security, you’re best looking into Ring products, like their video doorbells and cameras. For heating, Nest Hello thermostats allow you to alter the temperature in your home with just your voice, or remotely via your smartphone. Wherever you choose to begin, you’ll have the components at your disposal to build from the ground up.

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Does Alexa Work with Nest Hello?

Nest Hello now has a number of products under its belt, from its thermostat or smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, to a variety of security cameras for both and in and outside your home. Able to link up to any smart heater, Alexa can of course be at your beckon call through one of the many Amazon Echo products. The perfect complimentary gadget to your smart home set-up, this compatibility allows you to control any of your Nest Hello products simply by asking Alexa. Have the Echo Show? Ask Alexa to pull up the camera feed to one of your Nest Hello smart security cameras, or even ask Alexa to schedule the heating to come on when you get in from work.

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Does Ring Security Work Without Internet?

The simple answer is no. The crucial element to a smart home system is a strong Wi-Fi connection that allows all the products fed into your system to be connected and able to send signals to one another. Ring products, from doorbells to security cameras, are no exception to the rule, so make sure your Internet is set up before you go about transitioning your household into the smart home age.

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What is Philips Hue?

As one of the biggest brands in smart home products, Philips Hue brings its brilliant bulbs and accessories to the forefront of smart lighting. With a whole host of options at your fingertips, their bulbs and fixtures allow you to design your own lighting to suit the mood or occasion.

Want to dim the lights for a romantic date night? Or create the ultimate immersive experience by watching your bulbs adapt their colour to what’s going on on your screen or coming out of your speaker? Link up other smart products, and you can achieve all your wildest lighting dreams. It all starts with a Philips Hue bulb.

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What Products Do Philips Hue Make?

Well, apart from the all-important bulbs, which allow you to alter colour and brightness, it also sells other fixtures to assimilate smart lighting easily and effectively into your home. The retailer’s light strips are perfect for accenting parts of your home, including under cabinets in the kitchen and illuminating your entertainment set-up.

You can also find a selection of lamps for in and outdoors. That’s right, smart lighting can transcend your four walls and ensure you’re always well lit. Find spotlight and wall fixtures, as well as lamps and ceiling lights for indoors.

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What is the Hue Bridge?

As well as great fixtures to really style it out, there are some great accessories to help the overall functioning of your smart lighting system. The Hue Bridge is the most important component in your Philips Hue set up. Very much the brains behind the operation, this is the product that connects your set-up together and links it from your router to the Hue app on your smartphone.

You can also benefit from the dimmer switch, which doubles up as a remote control. Choose to either have it function as a more traditional light switch by attaching to your wall, or detach and use it to alter your lights wherever you are. Ideal for if you don’t have an AI speaker, you can still change the lighting to suit you.

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What Happened Last Year?

If there’s one thing we love when it comes to Amazon and their range of smart home products, it’s a good bundle. Although a ploy to sell their own range, there’s no doubting they’re great value for money and allow you to more quickly expand your smart home ecosystem. With up to 50% off these bundles, last Prime Day saw able the likes of the Ring Video Doorbell and Echo Show thrown together, as well as the Echo Dot with TP-link’s very own smart plug.

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What Smart Home Deals Can We Expect?

With smart home products proving to be increasingly more popular as consumers transition their homes, we’re predicting the usual suspects will be enjoying some Prime Day 2019 price cuts. Philips Hue starter kits are a must with a selection of white and ambiance lights sure to get some juicy discounts. Wanting to up security, the Ring Video Doorbell might very well be a hot choice, as well as the selection of smart security cameras like Nest and Neos.

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