SlingPlayer for iPhone and iPod touch Arrives

Wi-Fi only, annoyingly.

Sling Media has finally come good on promises of an iPhone and iPod touch version of its SlingPlayer client. It’s not quite as complete as we might have hoped for, but it’s better than nothing.

SlingPlayer Mobile will stream from either a SlingBox Solo or a SlingBox Pro over Wi-Fi only. It’s a bit annoying that streaming over the ‘net isn’t possible as there’s no obvious reason why that should be the case. Likewise, owners of an older SlingBox will probably be a little peeved at having to upgrade should they want to use the app – although there are other advantages to the newer devices that might make the trade-up worthwhile.

Nonetheless, if you do have a SlingBox Solo or Pro and an iPod touch or an iPhone and do want to watch TV away from your TV and want to do that in areas with Wi-Fi access available to you then you’re all set. SlingPlayer Mobile for the iPhone and iPod touch will set you back £17.99 on the App Store should you be tempted.

Sling Media.