Slimline Digital Cameras Get Tough

Frustrated that your elegant, slimline digital camera cannot be used in all the situations its portability suggests? Pentax looks to have built a Tonka Toy in the OptioWP

Slimline digital cameras are all the rage, being simultaneously stylish and convenient. Yet, one label I would not describe them as is robust.

Pentax could be about to change all that, however, with the OptioWP. Not only is this camera a looker with compact dimensions – 102 x 22 x 51mm (W x D x H) – it is also ruggedised and water proof.


Now, when Pentax says “waterproof” it doesn’t mean simply splash proof but in fact claims is the OptioWP is capable of 30 minutes of continous shooting at adepth of 1.5m. Still, durability would be nothing without a decent camera behind it, and the OptioWP looks to be well featured having a five Megapixel camera, 3x optical zoom, and large 2in LCD monitor with backlighting that the company boasts will make for easy viewing even in sunlight.

Naturally Pentax is aiming this camera at travellers and those with particularly active lifestyles. Amusingly, it also promotes the camera to families, an environment it describes as “not typically appropriate for traditional digital cameras”. If you have ever had your heart in your mouth watching a child stumble around near your expensive electrical equipment in the past, you’ll know exactly what Pentax means.


We previewed the OptioWP back in January as part of our CES coverage. It impressed us then, and with a full review headed your way next month, we are keen to see if the OptioWP lives up to its undoubted promise.

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Pentax will put the OptioWP on general sale from April, with an RRP of £229.99 including VAT.