Slim PSP To Have 10 Hour Battery

Better battery life, faster loading, what's not to like?

Gaming site Joystiq has managed to grab some more details on Sony’s new, slimmer, PSP. First up is the inclusion of UMD-cache, which basically means adding in more RAM to the portable console to speed up loading times, not that this is a bad thing of course.

Second on the bill is the long awaited ability to charge the PSP using a standard USB to mini-USB cable, a feature that has been missing far too long in my opinion and will allow owners to transfer files to and from their computers without draining the PSP’s battery and therefore having to charge the device during or after doing so.

Joystiq also seems to rate the TV-output of the new PSP pretty well, describing the UMD playback as “fantastic” but warning that games will end up in a box. Adding to this, the slimmer, faster PSP will also feature an incredible 10 hour battery life, over double that of the original unit. Whether these claims translate into real world performance remains to be seen, but if true they could be a real selling point over the currently vastly more popular Nintendo DS.