Slim PS3 Almost Certainly Not Pictured

But decide for yourself.

I’m chalking this one up under “ridiculously dubious,” but apparently a forthcoming slim PS3 has been photographed.

If a few poor quality pictures of a white-gloved hand holding a plastic case with a “PS3” logo on it are sufficient to convince you this is going to be Sony’s next revision of the console then enjoy. I’m a bit more sceptical though. That logo just doesn’t seem right – where’s the Spiderman font?

It would be nice to think that Sony declaring it has “no plans” for a redesign leant some weight to my suggestion these pictures are more likely to be a cheap knock-off than a real product. Sony has a reputation for denying rumours up until the point where they become facts, though.

It’s worth pointing out, too, that while the images of the console casing don’t look all too legitimate, the accompanying box does. 120GB would be a pretty logical hard drive choice, too, putting the PS3’s capacity directly in line with the top-end Xbox 360.

As Alice would put it: curiouser and curiouser.


Via Kotaku.