Slappa Shows PSP Some Love

Yes Riyad and Exitialis, this is for you ;)

Slappa gets itself about doesn’t it? PSPs join a very long list of the devices it lets inside it.


As always, this latest Hardbody is a tempting thing to get into. It wears the same waterproof xEVA PVC outer clothing with tempting rubber zipper. Inside it hides away a pair of (fish) nets, the first designed for storing UMDs, the second can take headphones, a remote control and isn’t adverse to a rolled up tenner.

An Xtra-wide elastic band ensures teasingly secure bondage for your PSP, and there’s an adjustable Velcro strap to let you tie the whole thing up at different angles. Its figure is a svelte 7.5 x 2 x 4in and it will be parading itself down streets from 20 September.

If you feel your PSP deserves a nice Hardbody Slappa and you’re prepared to shell out $19.99 for its services, I’m sure it’ll thank you in the morning.

Ok, we’ve milked this one to death. ”Next…”