We bet you’ll want this insane anti-drone bazooka

To counter the menace of unruly drones, there exists only one true solution: a giant freaking bazooka.

Meet the SkyWall 100, a drone defence system that will make you want to quit your job and become a UAV bounty hunter.

It’s basically a smart bazooka that fires a giant net at rogue quadcopters to take them out of action.

But we can’t do this veritable war machine justice with mere words; you need to see it for yourself.


So what makes the SkyWall 100 so great? Well the bazooka, built by OpenWorks Engineering, actually has an on-board computer.

This intelligent system means the weapon can find range, lock onto targets, and hit a drone from 100 metres away.

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Check it out:

What’s more, the fired canisters pop a parachute upon impact, which means the dodgy drone can be brought down to earth safely.

There’s no pricing yet, but OpenWorks says it will be available by the end of the year.

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But wait, there’s more.

OpenWorks is also building a sequel, the aptly named SkyWall 200. That’s set to be a semi-permanent bazooka mounted on a tripod, boasting increased range.

And then there’s a third device – the SkyWall 300 – that lives as a permanent, turret-like installation, designed for the truly drone-fearing.


Let us know how badly you want the SkyWall 100 in the comments below.