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Skype Video Messaging available now for free

Skype Video Messaging is now available as a free feature within the Skype app on multiple platforms, having been in preview beta since February.

Having already launched as a preview feature, all users can now send free video messages to any of their Skype contacts, irrespective of their online status.

“Video messaging is now available to all Skype users,” reads an official Skype blog post. “You can send and receive as many video messages as you want – completely free of charge.”

Available now in within the Skype app or desktop version, users simply have to tap the video message button to record their message. Videos can be up to 3 minutes long and can be previewed before it is sent to the chosen recipient, who doesn’t need to be online to receive it.

The video messages can be watched as soon as users sign in to Skype, so they can be left video voicemail messages to watch at their convenience.

“Skype Video Messaging adds another great way to keep in touch with friends and family during life’s most meaningful moments. Send a video message to your friends and family today – it’s easy. You can capture a fleeting memory, create a heartfelt reminder or simply tell a friend or family member ‘wish you were here’ even when they aren’t online.”

Skype claims that these video messages are viewable on any device or platform that runs the video calling app, but fails to mention Windows Phone devices when listing the various platforms.

“We’re excited to announce that video messaging is now coming out of preview as a full-fledged (and free!) feature in Skype for Windows desktop, Skype for Windows 8, Skype for Mac, Skype for iPhone, Skype for iPad, Skype for Android and Skype for BlackBerry.”

When asked directly in a tweet, Skype said Windows Phone users will get the full video messaging feature soon.

“You can receive and view video messages on Windows Phone. We’ll keep you apprised of updates!” said Skype in a tweet to TrustedReviews.

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