Skyfire Flash Friendly Mobile Browser Hits v1.0

Silverlight, Ajax and Javascript also play nicely...

Time to give Opera Mobile some competition…

18 months after we first caught sight of skyfire and six months after our skyfire review the exciting handset browser has stepped out of beta.

Version 1.0 brings much of what we have already come to expect: full page screen rendering, tabs, support for RSS feeds and rather cleverly: integration of Facebook and Twitter accounts to import/write status updates and tweets. Perhaps the coolest part of the browser however is compatibility with Flash 10, Silverlight 2, Ajax and Javascript – an industry first.

Consequently sites such as YouTube, Hulu (in the US, for now), MySpace, Google Docs and Gmail all work as they would on a desktop or laptop computer.

On top of this v1.0 brings enhanced navigation with accurate double tap zooming to text, a snappier launch time and reduced power consumption. Skyfire also claims to load pages faster than any other mobile browser, though it does this by compressing the pages server side so images can look a little rough if zoomed in.

Much like Opera Mini, skyfire supports a wide array of handsets and claims to work on more than 70 per cent of the world’s smartphones. That said, Android and – inevitably – the iPhone are off limits currently.

Skyfire 1.0 is available for download now. Oh, and it’s free…