Sky to Protest Project Canvas’ Development

Moaning to the BBC Trust.

I wonder if anyone will be surprised that Sky will, according to the Daily Telegraph, be petitioning the BBC Trust in respect to its review of Project Canvas, the IPTV service proposed for development by the BBC. A petition which could be considered slightly hypocritical Sky has a bit of a monopoly on content distribution in the UK currently.

Apparently Sky wants the BBC Trust to ensure that, in developing Canvas, the BBC would be using its resources “efficiently, effectively and proportionately and in a manner that would not significantly distort competition.” Seemingly ignoring the iPlayer, Sky is to claim that the BBC shouldn’t “develop, promote and operate its own means of delivery” but rather should “work with industry and in partnership with other organisations to facilitate understanding and adoption of emerging technologies.”

Progress on Project Kangaroo, which had a similar goal to Canvas, was halted as it was decided it would hinder, rather than foster, competition. As such, whether Sky’s protests are valid or not, it’s possible they could still be detrimental to Canvas’ development. Hopefully for the benefit of those not running a broadcasting company the Trust won’t pay much heed to Sky’s claims.


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