Sky Sports Goes Live On T-Mobile

Football 24/7 on the move - bliss or hell depending on your perspective.

With the Premiership season now underway (”Come on, Big Sam!”) T-Mobile has inked a deal with Sky that will have football fans drooling.

The network has given its Mobile TV service a makeover adding Sky Sports News and Sky Sports 1, 2 and 3 to its offerings meaning the ability to view up to 92 live Barclays Premier league matches while on the move as well as all other Murdock owned sporting events (including things no one cares about like cricket – sorry Andy – and rugby).

The £5pm pack ‘Sky News & Sports Pack’ also throws in Sky’s At The Races channel along with Sky News and CNN.

If Sports isn’t your thing however there is also the ‘Sky Entertainment Pack’ – Sky One, Kiss, Sky Movies News, Living, Bravo, Nickleodeon, Paramount Comedy, E!, the Cartoon Network and MTV Snax; the ‘Sky Music Pack’ – Box, Kerrang!, Smash Hits, Kiss, Q, MTV Snax, iMF2 (huh?) and iMP (double huh?) both also for £5pm.

Finally the ‘T-Mobile TV Pack’ remains in place with Euro Sport, Big Brother Live Coverage (*shudder*), Paramount Comedy, Channel 4, ITN, MTV, MTV Snax, Nickleodeon and SmileTV for £3.50 or £1 for a 24 hour pass.

All available now, the terror of festive family visits could finally be about to ease…

T-Mobile Mobile TV

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