Sky’s NOW TV arrives on Roku set-top boxes

Sky’s NOW TV has expanded to Roku media streaming boxes. The NOW TV subscription service made its debut in the summer, offering Sky Movies over the internet to users without a dish or long-term contract.

Available on PCs, Macs, the Xbox 360, iPad, iPhone and some Android mobiles, Sky’s NOW TV service was later added to the YouView set-top box, though without the ability to view Sky’s movie channels live (it’s on-demand only).

Its appearance on Roku, rather than some of the other Smart TV devices at the moment, can be pinned largely on the financial stake Sky and News Corp’s took in Roku in July 2012.

Having established itself in the US, Roko went on sale in the UK at the beginning of 2012. The media box is one of the cheaper ways of getting NOW TV onto a television – its price starts at £49 for the LT model (720p, Wi-Fi only), rising to £99 for the higher-end Roku 2 XS (1080p, Wi-Fi and Ethernet).

Sky provides up to 20 movie premieres a month on NOW TV as well as a selection of back catalogue titles. Due to its deals with Hollywood studios, the broadcaster can offer newer films that those of rivals Netflix (also available on Roku) and LoveFilm.

However, it costs more. The normal NOW TV subscription price is £15 a month but there are deals such as a 30-day free trial and reduced monthly fee of £8.99 for the first three months (this offer closes on 22 January 2013). Unlike the dish-based Sky packages, users are not tied to a long-term contract.

Sky is also poised to add programmes from its sports line-up to NOW TV in the next few months, as well as general content from the Sky entertainment channels.

We have asked Sky to clarify if any of NOW TV’s content will be in HD on Roku and whether you can see movie channels as they are shown live. Previously HD was only available on the Xbox 360 and only if you have an Xbox Live Gold subscription too. UPDATE: Sky has confirmed that “Roku does indeed offer the live channels as well as VoD and it is 720p quality.”

Is NOW TV an enticing alternative to the likes of Netflix or a full Sky subscription, or is it still too expensive? Tell us what you think on the Trusted Reviews Twitter and Facebook feeds or via the comments boxes below.

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