Sky HD Launch Date Confirmed

Anyone lucky enough to be on the Sky HD installation list doesn't have long to wait.

More news from Sky on its HD service today, as the broadcasting giant finally officially confirms what a few lucky people know already: that installations of its Sky HD receiver will begin on 22 May. We at TrustedReviews already kind of knew this thanks to the understandable gloating of some of those people lucky enough to be lined up for an installation on the very first day they start. But it’s nice to hear Sky confirm it all the same.

Sky’s announcement on its HD installation date was also accompanied by sales figures for the HD service – and we have to say they make impressive reading. Apparently, since bookings for the service were opened to the general public on 13 April, it has racked up more than 40,000 advance sales – a figure which actually betters the total number of sales Sky+ managed over the whole of its first year.

Sky also listed a few of the HD service’s first week highlights, which we’ve considerately repeated below – just so you can feel cheesed off about what you’re (probably) missing…

* Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith – Sky Box Office HD, Mon 22 May

* Inside…A Gunshot Victim – Sky One HD, 21.00, Mon 22 May

* National Trust: National Treasures – Artsworld HD, 21.00, Mon 22 May

* 24 – Sky One HD, 23.00, Mon 22 May

* Rescue Me – Sky One HD, 23.00, Tues 23 May

* Star Trek Enterprise – Sky One HD, 15.00, Tues 23 May

* Wallace & Gomit In The Curse of the Were-Rabbit –Sky Box Office, Weds 24 May

* Test Cricket – Sky Sports HD, Thursday 25 May, 10.30 LIVE – England v Sri Lanka 2nd Test

* Independence Day – Sky Movies 9 HD, Friday 26 May – earth busting Sci Fi

* Face to Face With the Ice Bear – National Geogrphic HD, 20.00, Friday 26 May

* Rugby Union – Sky Box Office, Sat 27 May – Guinness Premiership Final

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