Skinny Alien Sighted

Ultraportable other-worldly device is probably the politically correct term.

In November we had the fat and light m3200 and now the company has upped the ante with the m3400.


Whereas the m3200 was a stocky 12.1 incher, the m3400 is an altogether more visually pleasing 14in model which still weighs the same 2.2Kg. The screen res is a little low for my liking at 1280 x 768, but it is widescreen which any good laptop should be these days. It’s from the Intel Centrino love camp and is compatible with a range of processors from the 400MHZ FSB, 1MB of cache stable to the 533MHZ, 2MB of cache thoroughbreds.

Graphics are of the integrated variety which seems little un-Alienware to us, but those slim lines have to come at some cost. RAM starts at 256MB, but given that there are two DIMM slots it can be scaled all the way up to 2GB. A DVD rewriter is bundled and the usual wide range of connectivity features are all present and correct, such as a 4-in-1 card reader, 4x USB2.0 slots, Firewire, SPDIF, Gigabit Ethernet, a PCMCIA slot, and S-Video out though it is about time DVI made an appearance methinks.

Battery life is a quoted 3.5 hours and the (very) basic spec will set you back just $900, but the price can skyrocket to more than $3,000 if you try hard enough. Which is, quite franky, a little other-worldly.