Meet the world’s smallest selfie-snapping drone

The struggle to get the perfect selfie has seen the likes of Apple and Google create clever front-facing smartphone cameras with portrait modes to better frame your pouting face. 

But sometimes you want something a little more to stand out from the Instagram crowd; enter the SKEYE Name 2 FPV Drone.

As one of the world’s smallest flying camera-equipped drone – it can sit comfortably in the average-sized person palm – the SKEYE can take to the skies above you and a group of posing friends and snap full HD pictures and videos for uploading to social media sites.

As the drone is piloted via a rather chunky looking controller in which a smartphone slots into, the first-person pictures and videos it shoots are transferred instantly onto the pilot’s phone through the drone’s Wi-Fi connection. The drone can also be controlled with just the smartphone.

Adjustable gyro sensitivity and six-axis control is being touted as the means to make it easy to steadily pilot the drone, as well as customise the controller to suit a pilot’s preferences.

But the drone can do more than just capture video and pictures; for people wanting to enjoy some aerial acrobatics, the SKEYE drone can perform flips.

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At $99, around £75, the SKEYE isn’t the most expensive drone around, but it’s arguably quite a pricey way to take a selfie when the average ‘selfie stick’ is a fraction of the price.

That being said, it’s still a relatively cheap way to shoot full HD video from the sky, so has a little more to offer than just the selfie snapping capabilities its maker TRNDlabs is promoting.

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