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SitGo is a Transformers-style electric bike

Say hello to SitGo, a bonkers new electric bike. It’s as if the Transformers made a Penny Farthing.

Bored of the standard folding bikes? SitGo certainly looks different. It folds out in three simple steps, and is small and light enough to carry around and stow under your desk.

It’s powered by a 180w brushless electric motor that can propel you at up to 25km/h (15mph). The 36v lithium battery has enough to juice to take you 35km (22 miles). In case you were wondering, that front wheel is 18 inches in diameter, while the rear wheel is 8 inches. No, we don’t know why they’re different sizes.

The video isn’t much help. It explains “modifying the stagnated fundamentals of electric bikes, SitGo has design referring to dynamics and science of riding, wind resistance that fit for proportion of human height perfectly”. If anyone can translate that into English, we’re all ears.

According to its makers, you can charge it from a car’s cigarette lighter. Though it doesn’t mention how long that will take.

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It also has a USB port so you can juice up your phone from its battery. But there’s no mention of how much that will drain the vehicle’s battery. It looks like it doesn’t have any pedals, just footrests, so if the battery dies, you’ll be stuck.

It’s raised $920AUD of a $30,000AUD goal. If it’s successful, it will ship in December. It’s certainly different, you can’t deny that.