Single Handed, Modular Games Controller Unveiled

Perfect for the gamer who needs to play Halo co-op alone.

I don’t usually dip into the oft-quirky world of PC and game console peripherals, but every now and again something interesting comes along and catches my eye. While we at TrustedReviews do admit that the Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers are pretty good, there are always some killjoys who feel the need to complain. If you number among them, or fancy a break from the norm, a gentleman called Ben Heck may be able to tempt you with his single-handed controller.

The prototype being shown off features Xbox 360 buttons, but the final version will come in PS2 and PS3 flavours as well. Dubbed the Access Controller, the device has various slots into which you can plug the desired controller component. It looks like you’ll need a different base station for each console, which is a shame, but obviously this could be address in future revisions.

No pricing or availability information has yet been announced, but units are apparently in pre-production. Initially, they will be sold through eDimensional, and contact details are provided if you wish to register you interest. While it does look and sound crazy, there could be a lot of potential in the controller. While Ben himself suggests drinking beer while playing Uno as his preferred use, it could open up consoles to disabled would-be-gamers currently unable to indulge in a spot of Portal.

I, for one, really want to get my hand on one of these.

Ben Heck blog post.