Shuttle Readying Its First X38-based System

Low profile shouldn't mean low performance.

If you held off on the recently launched P35-based Shuttle to wait for the inevitable ‘real’ high-end system, your day has come. The latest small form-factor barebones kit readied by the company is to be based on Intel’s X38 chipset and is aimed squarely at the performance market.

Called the SX38P2 Pro, the system crams in the support for Intel’s upcoming Penryn processors on 1,066MHz and 1,333MHz front-side buses, up to 8GB of DDR2 memory, with overclocking up to 1066MHz and not one, but two PCI Express 2.0 slots allowing crossfire setups – when single slot cards worth owning become available.

Elsewhere a re-worked internal layout aims to remove the need for an engineering degree to install components. There’s a 400 watt power supply, while the proprietary OASIS cooling system is at hand to keep everything cool and a fingerprint reader can be found on the flip-down front panel.

Other features include the use of solid-state capacitors across the board (pun intended), on-board 7.1-channel sound including coaxial and optical outputs and Gigabit Ethernet. Pricing and availability information isn’t yet available, but an educated guess would suggest high and soon as most likely. Of course any X38 system is going to be expensive and if space is a premium, I expect the SX38P2 Pro is looking mighty attractive right now.

Shuttle SX38P2 Pro product page.