Shure Launches New Entry Level Earphones

STOP wearing those awful iPod ones NOW!

We’re a big fan of Shure at TrustedReviews, we’ve loved the SE210, SE310 and SE420 models from its new range and now there’s a new baby in the line-up.

The ‘SE110’ is Shure’s latest entry level offering and comes with the same moulded sound isolation technology as its bigger and more expensive brothers. Up to 90 per cent of all ambient noise is blocked out with this impressive tech.

As well as excluding external sounds however Shure is equally keen to point out the internal audio as well. Key most to the SE110 is its Balanced MicroSpeaker which the company claims will deliver a vivid and detailed listening experience. Sensitivity, impendence and frequency ranges are perhaps a better indicator however and they are also impressive at 113dBSPL/mw, 27Ω and 22Hz – 17.5kHz respectively.

In the box customers will also find three pairs of disposable black foam sleeves (S, M, L), three pairs of soft flex sleeves (S, M, L), a 91cm cable, carrying case and nozzle cleaning tool. Optional accessories include an airline adapter, volume control (6.5mm) adapter and Push-To-Hear (PTH) accessory.

In fact, perhaps surprisingly, the only downside I can see in this entry leveller is price. SE110 earphones will retail at a perfectly reasonable £69.99, but the problem is the slightly older but more highly specified SE210 can now be found online discounted to exactly the same price and given the choice there can only be one winner.

On the other hand, expect retailers to start dropping the RRP of the SE110 earphones soon enough so if you are one of the countless millions of acoustic Neanderthals/sheep who continue to use Apple’s appalling boxed iPod buds you now have no excuse not to step up.

Of course it would also be possible to improve on their sound quality simply by pushing a thread through an empty tin can and holding that up to your ear, but this is another rant for another time…

”’Update:”’ Thanks to the eagle eyes of our wonderfully Swedish former Reviews Ed (whose name rhymes with ‘Pars’) we can already tell you the SE110 earphones are down to £54.99 online. ”Go get em…”

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