Shure iPhone Adaptor Adds Mic To Earphones

How to overcome one irritating obstacle with grace and bonus functionality.

The iPhone has rightly come in for a lot of stick for Apple’s decision to needlessly sink its earphone socket but Shure – in typical style – has come up with the classiest solution yet.

Rather than offer its own version of the myriad of cheap adaptors out there the acoustic genius has seized the opportunity to do something far more clever. Its ‘Music Phone Adapter’ is a sleek modular accessory that converts Shure earphones into a stereo headset meaning users can easily switch between listening to content and talking on the phone.

Being Shure this isn’t a run-of-the-mill offering either, using a professional grade mic which has the company’s ‘Voice Port’ technology to eliminate background noise and a clever control button that not only sends and receives calls but can activate call waiting, last number re-dial and mute. Being modular the MPA can also be removed when not needed and a two year warranty provides a little extra piece of mind.

Of course ‘Being Shure’ the MPA also doesn’t sell for peanuts. It’s £41 RRP is more than many (wrongly) refuse to pay for a set of earphones, let alone an attachment but if you’re looking to make the very best of your iPhone – or indeed any music phone – experience then this has to be high on your Christmas wish list…

”’Update:”’ I’ve just learnt that the MPA supports earphones from all manufacturers not just Shure – tick off another reason to write to Santa.