Short Battery Life Foiled?

Can you really extend the life of a notebook battery by simply sticking on a piece of foil? batterylife thinks so.

Battery Life, it’s the Holy Grail of modern technology. Laptops may now be super thin and light with speeds that seem to double every 18 months but when it comes to hours and minutes… well, they are certainly not a fan of Moore’s Law. Mega-funded multinationals have implemented such advanced power saving technologies as StepStep (Intel) and PowerNow! (AMD) to eek out just a few more minutes, so could a piece of foil really be the answer? The aptly named company batterylife seems to think so.


In fact, not only does batterylife believe its foil, dubbed the Notebook Activator, can extend operational and standby time by up to 30 per cent while dropping charging time by 40 per cent, it also claims it will rejuvenate failing old batteries. We asked batterylife representative Graham Jackson if he was pulling our leg and the answer is apparently not:

”“(Notebook Activator) lengthens the life of lithium ion batteries, which would normally gradually get higher and higher resistance until they cannot provide the necessary current to keep the notebook going,”” he said laying out the problem.

”“The details of how (Notebook Activator) works are naturally secret and in the patent application but it effects the ions. The presence of the activator creates a measurable increase in ion density around it. These have the effect of slowing down and reversing the deterioration of the battery. The deterioration is caused by crystalline build-up on the separator and by fragments that break off from the electrodes (due to constant expansion and contraction during charging/discharging) and hinder the normal flow of lithium ions.””


How does this little bit of kit work? Just cut the foil to the size of your battery and ensure that at least 80 per cent of one side is covered. Apparently users should begin to notice a difference after five to ten charges.

Obviously, we can’t verify any of this off the back of an announcement and interview but should you be inclined to give it a whirl a strip is not going to cost you the earth at 9.99 euros including VAT and it distributes through Paysan.

Too good to be true?


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