Sharp X-Series To Offer WHDI

Using wireless HD transmission to eliminate the need for cables. Neat!

Sharp’s X-Series TVs are already set to impress with their 1.35in thick dimensions, but apparently that’s not the only string to their bow. Having teamed up with a company called Amimon, it’s using a technology called Wireless High-Definition Interface (WHDI) to stream content to the TV through a separate base station.

Sharp isn’t the first manufacturer to boast this sort of feature for its TVs, the Hitachi Wooo series also uses an ultra-wide band (UBW) input box to make possible its 1.4in thickness. Sharp is using a more proprietary solution though as, unlike UWB, WHDI isn’t an open standard.

Amimon’s WHDI offers a 3Gbps stream using a 5GHz radio signal, which the company claims has a 30m range and less than one millisecond latency, even through walls. That’s a significant reduction on the 10.2Gbps available over an HDMI 1.3 connection, but is apparently sufficient to carry an uncompressed 1080p signal.

Sharp’s X-series sets won’t ship by default with this wireless module, which will instead be sold separately. Hopefully the price isn’t so high as to put off those looking for a solution to their cable clutter.

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