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Sharp’s 1000ppi display looks like the future of VR headsets

This is a huge month for VR. The Daydream headset was just announced by Google, the PS VR goes on sale next week and Oculus has a newsworthy-sounding event planned for later today.

However, Sharp may have shown us a glimpse at the future of VR with a new concept display designed specifically for VR headsets.

The 2.87-inch display offers a whopping a pixel density of 1,008 per inch.

For reference, the pixel density of a top smartphone like the Samsung galaxy S7 is 577ppi, while the HTC Vive with a built-in display offers 447ppi.

So, we’re talking about double the detail here. Sharp by name, sharp by nature.

Shown off at CEATEC in Japan (via PCWatch), the concept can display 1920 x 2160 images that appears to be 4K to both eyes.

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The concept still appears a long way off manufacture at present, and given all of the other variables that go into screen design, it’s by no means a sure thing.

However, give it a couple of years and we could have 1000 pixels per square inch blasted into our retinas when enjoying VR.

Are you planning to buy the PS VR next week or are you more of a Daydream/Gear VR type user? Share your thoughts below.

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